How is PPSC Age Calculated

How is PPSC Age Calculated

Answer of Query: The date of birth is used to calculate age. This information can be found on Secondary School Certificate (Matriculation), or any other relevant certificate. It is considered final. If the candidate has taken any examination equivalent to Secondary School Certificate, such as Senior Cambridge/O level, and the certificate does not bear the date of birth of that candidate, he/she will be required to produce the certificate.

  • School Leaving Certificate bearing his/her birth date;
  • Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), issued by National Database and Registration Authority, (NADRA).


If the date of birth for a candidate is on 15 August 1970, and the closing date to submit an application to the PPSC office has been 07/02/1998, the age will be as follows:

Day Month Year
Closing Date –      07 02 1998
Date of Birth of Candidate –      15 08 1970
Age on closing date: 1+23 05 27
(27 Years, 05 Months and 24 Days)

Explanation: One day has been added to calculations regarding the candidate’s date of birth and the closing date for on-line applications. The candidate’s age at the closing date will be 27 years, 5 months and 24. This is because a child who was born on January 1st will be one year old on December 31st in the same year. His/her age on 1 January next year will be one and one days. However, the qualifying age for Competitive/Combined Competitive Examination will be the date of the exam.

Day Month Year
Closing Date –      01 01 2016
Date of Birth of Candidate –      01 01 1988
Age on closing date: 1+00 00 28
(28 Years, 00 Months and 01 Days)

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