Query Asked From PPSC Regarding Increase Number of Candidates For Tehsildar Post

The commission is in receipt of queries about increase in the number of candidates for the posts of Tehsildar (BS-16) and Naib Tehsildar (BS-14).

It is apprised that it has been provided in the PPSC Rules that:

Applications shall be received by the Commission on or before the closing date for submission of applications through web-generated on-line application form available on Commission’s Website. Provided that in case a candidate tries to submit on-line application for a post but despite repeated attempts (2-3 attempts) he/she fails to submit the same due to fault in the Computer System and if the candidate approaches in writing to the Commission within two (02) days of the closing date of submission of applications and the contention of the candidate is proved to be authentic by the Director I.T, his/her application may be deemed as “online application” received in time. Provided further that no application shall be entertained by the Commission under any circumstances after the closing date”.

This Policy is applicable on all the posts to be advertised by the PPSC. In the instant case of Tehsildar (BS-16) and Naib Tehsildar (BS-14) approximately 170 candidates approached the PPSC by sending written request that they had tried their level best to upload their online applications but all in vain. So, PPSC examined their written requests in the above mentioned notified/prescribed manner and found that only 32 candidates fulfilled
the above said criteria and their applications have been treated as online applications. Rest of approximately 138 applications/requests were regretted as they did not try to apply online up to the closing date. All this exercise was done through a centralized computer system.

The difference in the number of applicants in the case of Tehsildar (BS-16) and Naib Tehsildar (BS-14) reflected on PPSC website (Planner) is on the account as narrated above.

Query Asked From PPSC Regarding Increase Number of Candidates For Tehsildar Post

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