SOPs For Written Examination In PPSC Jobs 2021

Punjab Public Service Commission has issued the Covid-19 SOPs for written examination in PPSC jobs 2021. With the sharp decline in Covid-19 cases in Punjab, the Government of Punjab has allowed PPSC to conduct written examination under the Covid-19 SOPs. Following, therefore, will be ensured for the conduct of examinations at Lahore and Regional Headquarters.


a. Examination venues will be cleaned thoroughly and disinfecting material sprayed in the morning by 08:00 hrs.

b. Seating will be arranged with minimum 6 feet distance between the two candidates.

c. Chairs and tables will be cleaned with cloth soaked in the sanitizing material.

d. Throughout this process, the persons involved in cleaning, spraying and arranging the seating will wear masks and gloves.

e. While fans will be switched on, the windows of rooms/halls should remain open to avoid congestion in room and ensure cross ventilation/fresh air.

f. Since exams will be conducted with doors and windows open, the Security staff will ensure that nobody is present within 10 meters of the halls/examination room.

g. Invigilation staff and the supervisory staff will also wear masks/gloves during the conduct of examinations.


a. It will be ensured that candidates do not jumble up at the entry door.

b. Proper marking will be done to line up the candidates with minimum 3 feet distance between the candidates in line to ensure distancing.

c. The security staff at entry point will check the temperature of each candidate and collect their belonging as per SOP. Candidates with more than 100 temperature will be segregated for further scrutiny/questioning.

d. During this process, the security staff will wear masks and gloves.

e. Apart from checking temperature, physical condition of the candidates will also be checked by the security staff. However, the decision whether to allow a candidate to sit in exam or not will rest with the supervisor.

f. Candidates without masks will not be allowed to appear in examination.

g. It will also be ensured that candidates go to their seats immediately and do not jumble up in the room/hall.

h. For identification of candidate, the invigilator and staff will ask the candidate to lower his mask for few seconds to match his/her face with the identity card. During this process, the invigilator/staff will not remove his/her own mask. Any candidate refusing identity will be asked to leave the examination.


a. When the time for paper is up, the invigilatory staff will collect the papers from the candidates from their seats. Jumbling up for the deposit of papers is not allowed.

b. Candidates will leave the examination room/hall immediately and report to the security staff to collect their belongings.

c. To avoid rush at the collection point the supervisor should arrange the departure, in a way that at one point, the candidates of one room/hall go to the collection point. He/she may announce the departure schedule before hand and brief the invigilating staff accordingly.

d. Any violation of SOPs by the invigilatory staff or candidate will be reported to this Headquarter after the conduct of exams.

5. Forwarded for strict compliance by the Regional Incharges, Supervisors and Security Staff and Invigilators.


1. Any candidate not following this SOP will not be allowed to appear in the examination.

2. All candidates are advised to leave their mobile/bags outside examination centres to avoid spread of Corona.

3. Drinking water will not be served to candidates so they are advised to bring their water bottles with them.

SOPs For Written Examination In PPSC Jobs 2021

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